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We are an Eco-friendly Tanzanian design and manufacturing company that utilises local skills and raw materials to provide creative and eco-conscious products for the building spaces. We use natural sisal fibers to create handmade interior decor products for your space.

Our team of creative youths harness knowledge and skills from older generation, creatively work together to combine modern design and traditional knowledge with a focus on sustainable resource use.

We use natural Tanzanian raw materials to give meaning and feeling to the pieces and spaces we create.

Whether you’re a homeowner, an architect designing or remodelling a home, an office, a lodge, camp or hotel looking for creative eco-conscious customised solutions for your space.  REFIXIT  have exactly what you’re looking for.



We are a team coming from different backgrounds, our products of best value are made with the potential found in each of us, we are doing what we love, and are so excited to share this with the world.



I learnt to weave at age 16, at that time I was making plant hangers, I walked to find my customers, I sold them to individuals and hotels.

At this age, it is fulfilling to train this dedicated team. Together we are learning from each other. 

Surely our products are made of highest quality.



We passionately work together as a family to create the high quality and classic handcrafted accessories, we provide deco cheerfully products to make our clients feel the same.



Being proud of my culture has made me realize the potential in it, I am involved in taking part and ensuring that the growth and development in the community depends on me.