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Sisal: Versatile Product of Nature

Nature has provided composite materials in the form of bamboo, bones and vegetables. (Nicholls 1976)

Sisal, the Agave Sisalana plant from which it is extracted and processed by very low amount of energy, has been grown in tropical countries for years. Sisal yields a stiff fibre which can be used in making various products.Yes! very many products.

​Let's talk about how sisal can be used in building design, how sisal deco can change looks of a space, how sisal can be woven to form partition walls, how sisal can be used in up-cycling of furniture, yes! If we are to talk environment then we ought to give responsive ways to design our spaces, do you also know of how sisal can be used or integrated to make interior and exterior deco? what about its use as a reinforcement?​

With our own very experienced and motivated men and women we get to enjoy every piece of our products, be it in its natural colour or dyed, every pattern is handmade with love.​

Stay with us as we show you the collection of our sisal handmade products, purchase our services and products and we will surely be happy to serve you!

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